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What is Trance Soundtrack?


Trance Soundtrack the title of this website ( which promotes the music of Marc Moglen. Membership access allows users to hear full music pieces of Marc Moglen for the sole purpose of considering the licensing (non-exclusive or exclusive) of those or other tracks (music pieces).

What is membership to Trance Soundtrack?


Memberships allow members to hear full music pieces of Marc Moglen (soley for the consideration of licensing music), submit customization requests, and engage with Marc Moglen (and his compositions) in a more direct fashion.  No license to use music pieces is implied merely by membership.  Trance Soundtrack is currently in invite-only BETA mode.  Only members are authorized to evaluate members-only content.  Membership is on an at-will basis, and may be cancelled at any time.  If you’d like to stop being a member, send an email request to  If you’d like to become a member, fill out the form on the homepage of

I need more than just music.  I need audio optimization.


Marc Moglen is a music researcher (PhD candidate in Musicology) with extensive team Research and Development experience.  Consultation is available toward the optimization of your music acquisition or other audio considerations in the virtual media and marketing spaces.  Members may receive personal attention.




What kind of music is offered/What sets this music apart?


The music you'll find here is classically influenced electronic music, but varies widely and does not adhere to a strict genre specifiation.  This music attempts to be different than the vast source of music currently available and is optimized for promotional videos, video games, and other media.  The music is customizable prior to licensing.


I have a specific inquiry not addressed here.

Please send an e-mail to or call 415.490.8295.


Trance Soundtrack FAQ &

Terms and Conditions of Site Ussage


Music, Music everywhere but not a track for you?  Consider having a personal composer on your side.  


How do I license a piece of music and what are the licesnes for?

After becoming a member, selecting a piece which works for you, and customizing it if necessary, you may license the piece for your media project after signing a licensing agreement with Marc Moglen.  The license is generally for one year or two years.  All terms of the license are negoitable. The only party you will deal with in licensing a piece of music is Marc Moglen.  There is no other authorized agent or party who may license a piece of music from, or by Marc Moglen.  All audio content on is "Copyright 2014, Marc Moglen, All Rights Reserved".


Terms and Conditions

All who access this site (, including subdomains, hereafter referred to as "Site") are obliged to adhere to these Terms and Conditions.


All audio and text contents of Site are "Copyright 2014, Marc Moglen, All Rights Reserved".  Photographs and logo image on Site are "Copyright 2014, Diana Betancourt, All Rights Reserved".


Only members explicitly granted access to private webpages (e.g. webpages within Site which require a user account to access, hereafter referred to as "Members Only Pages") may view such webpages.  Such members are hereafter referred to as "Users".


Users may stream audio from site.  Users may not download audio to harddisk without explicit permission in a contractual document.


Only Users may access Members Only Pages (e.g. pages which require a user account to access).


No implication of any ussage of audio other than for evaluative purposes is presented to Users without express contractual agreement.


No implication of any ussage of audio other than for evaluative purposes is presented to all who access this site without express contractual agreement.


Members are granted access at the will and sole descretion of Marc Moglen.  Membership may be cancelled at anytime at the sole descretion of Marc Moglen.  All audio is for evaluative purposes only.


No agent or sub-agent of Marc Moglen may alter these Terms and Conditions.